Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lee's Tuppence! - Patience Is A Virtue...

Been doing a lot of thinking today about my impatience, my "want it now" attitude. lol And when I think about all of the people, myself included, who make pleadings unto God  for all of the things that we want and need, I realize that part of the test is in being patient and awaiting that still-small-voice.

So when I ask-- "When?" I need to keep in mind "in God's own time" and trust in him. The answers will come. Just give it time. This is something that I need to keep in mind. Perhaps you do too?

Ah, sigh. It's been a good day of scripture study and more. Nice and rainy outside, grey. Just as I like it to be sometimes. So cool and comforting, all that soft fluffy greyness out there up in the sky.

Patience is a virtue I have yet to perfect? How about you? ;-)

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