Thursday, February 1, 2007


Now we are back into my favorite month of the year: February! I guess I love it so much because, well, it has an interesting sound to it, it's the only month that begins with an "F", yellow jasmine starts to bloom and fall from the trees down here in Florida, which I adore. And, well, I don't know what else except that Valentine's Day has to be my most favoritest holiday. It's not like it's been my best holiday, but I adore it nonetheless. I just love hearts and bows and reds and pinks and purples and white and chocolate and love and romance! I love it all!

Yesterday, watching some videos over at YouTube, I saw the background of one that looked just like the cover of the Fellowship of the Ring. I could swear it was Hobbiton! It was great! I hope to walk through some of the areas that inspired Tolkien someday. That would be utterly fantastic! He and I were/are kindred spirits. He didn't much like cars either, though I sure do miss being able to jump in one any time I want to cruise. My dad got me into that and I dearly miss it. There's nothing more soothing than driving along in a car-- when you're not in traffic that is. Long country roads are where I like to drive.

I wrote a lot of my early songs in an old 1977 Plymouth Valiant, sky blue. My dad bought it for me in 1987. I loved that old car, but I foolishly traded it for a Ford Escort. It wasn't a bad little car. But I sure do miss my Plymmy Valiant.

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