Saturday, July 24, 2010

In Praise of... Duct Tape

Ever heard the saying -- Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver? Well, it comes in a lot more colors than that these days.

OK. Apparently the adoration of duct tape is a universal male thing. (Actually we gadget girls like it too!)

I was surfing around looking at instructions for something I'm interested in building and what do I find? A group of guys drooling over duct tape. And the most amazing thing was that they weren't even SCAers.

You see, the first time that I came into contact (ar! ar!) with the "gray sticky stuff" was when I first encountered the medieval and renaissance living history group called The Society for Creative Anachronism. The guys (it was mostly guys, then) who did mock medieval combat use(d) it to cover their weapons to keep the pieces of rattan (that's an Asian grass with an even, close grain that grows up into very tall poles) from splintering and getting into someone's eye. They also cover their shield edges with the stuff, line armor with it-- you name it!

I made many, many suits of carpet armor for the guys using the ever popular gray sticky stuff.

I love it!

Here's a link to:
The Duct Tape Guys

These aren't the same guys I was referring to, the ones drooling over the many uses of Duct Tape are located at the following link:

The only question I have is: What can't you do with duct tape?

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