Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Labor Day!!!

I hope you have Labor Day off as I do. It's been a great weekend and getting that extra day off is always soooooo nice! Love it!

I decided to look Labor Day up and see what it was all about, it's origins. Wow... I didn't know about all of that.

And here comes Football Season, too! Cool!

I got the most happy feeling the other day when I saw the NFL party decorations and such at the grocery store. It kind of surprised me because I'd never felt something like that before about that sort of thing. My heart felt as if it leapt for joy. Sweet!

So... Yay! Rah! ^_~

So many good things coming down the pipe. Oops! I mean pike, good things are coming down the pike. lol

Have yourself a pleasant Abend.

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