Thursday, September 30, 2010

Barkticles - Senior Dogs

Hi! Sweetlips K. Beagle here again. I hope my human half, Lee, hasn't bored you too much in my absence. I do apologize if she has.

I'm here to give the kind readers of this blog a little information about the blessings of adopting a Senior Dog.

Let me first direct you to the Top Ten Reasons for adopting an older Dog. Don't let anyone fool you, especially some cat who might tell you that old Dogs can't learn new tricks! Just check out number three on the list and you'll see why this argument for adopting older dogs need never be dug up again.

And if those ten reasons aren't enough for helping you make up your mind about older Dog adoption, then here's the link to the rest of the site:

Take a look around the site and learn why your next Dog adoption should be the wise and noble older Dog.

So barks I, pawed --

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