Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Faves 21 - Books, Journals and Writing Implements

Reading, writing and, well, not arithmetic! Not this week anyway. No, this week's Friday Faves is all about something I adore -- books, journals, pens and pencils. I have probably sent someone's kid to college with all of the paper, journals, pens, pencils and books that I have purchased through the years.

Hey, I can't help it -- I'm a writing junkie! I walk into an office supplies place or a bookstore and usually the first place I go is either the music section or whichever area carries all of those wonderful things that I can use to write on and with.

But I'm here to tell you that it's not just the big corporate stores who carry lots of writing goodies -- you can get some wonderful, nay, exquisite items of this nature on Etsy!

But before we begin our weekly Etsy shop browse, let's listen to a great old Beatle's hit called Paperback Writer (Psst! You can find those on Etsy too!)

Now, let's go shopping!

Reading and Writing Shop Number 1
Shop name: Gaƫlle's Gallery

When I was searching for one of a kind stories on Etsy I happened upon this one that was both enchanting and understandable in any language. The artwork is very original and inspiring. It would be a worthy addition to anyone's library. Heartwarming!

Reading and Writing Shop Number 2
Shop name: GILD Book Binders

From this second shop comes something that is also a true one of a kind item. It is simply a stunning piece of workmanship. It was truly hard to find my favorite, because they are all so beautiful, so I went with The Book of Secrets with the teal cover. So gorgeous!

Reading and Writing Shop Number 3
Shop name: Bowls and Boxes and More

This craftsman created a pen and pencil set made from mesquite, but can also create a set to your liking out of other exotic woods that he has on hand. The mesquite pen and pencil set is quite elegant and they look like they would feel really nice in the hand.

Reading and Writing Shop Number 4
Shop name: Angel Hill

And, we'll need something to put our pens and pencils and other stuff in when we take our reading and writing on the road. So, when I saw this little cutie, well, I just couldn't pass it up! I bought one for myself. But you better hurry if you want one, too! She only has a few of these on hand.

Reading and Writing Shop Number 5
Shop name: Sunrise Woodwork

Maybe your main writing implement is a computer -- I certainly use mine often enough myself. This computer monitor/printer/desk organizer is not only beautifully crafted, but a lovely addition to any writer's desk.

Well, we've finished our weekly Etsy shop hopping for this week, but be sure to stop back by next Friday (or any day of the week, because I try to update my content as often as possible) when our Friday Faves theme will be -- Bee Keeping!

I love bees and honey and bee's wax and royal jelly and all of the other wonderful things that bees produce and all of the wonderful things that bees do for our environment.

Until then, if you have any comments or questions about this week's Friday Faves, please feel free to leave your comments below.

Do you have a favorite pen or pencil for your writing or do you do your writing "old school" with a manual typewriter? I did for many years before joining in on all of the fun online.

Have a great weekend everyone and take care out there!

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