Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Etsy Shop Fall Sale

This is what I have decided to do regarding my Fall Sale:

I have gone in and discounted all of the prices on all of my crochet items to approximately half off the original price. It's actually just a bit more than half off, so you'll really get a good deal right now and up until the end of September 2011.

For instance, all of my shawls were $24.99 apiece and now they're only $12.45 apiece. Pretty sweet, huh?

I figure this is a good time to have a sale because of Back to School, Changing Weather, Upcoming Holidays -- that sort of thing.

So stop on by my shop and pick up a nice, cozy shawl, shrug or scarf.

I'll even custom make a shawl, shrug or scarf for half off, but the price may be slightly higher due to an increase in yarn costs. I got a pretty good deal on the yarn I was able to use to make the ones that are in my shop right now, but I can't get that deal right now.

Just drop me a line at my Etsy Shop, Lesa's Plunder Place, or, as I have it on my shop banner: Kay's Plunder Place, and I'll be happy to work with you on the shawl, shrug or scarf of your dreams.

I'm happy to do custom work any time of the year, but the sale on custom work will be only until the end of September 2011. So hurry! It'll be September 30, 2011 before you know it! ;-)

My Etsy Shop Link:

Happy Shopping!

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