Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Faves 39 - Dancing Dragon

With the advent of the Year of the Dragon this past Monday, I thought we might explore the beauty of all things Dragon in this week's Friday Faves.

You know, Dragons have been around as long as man and maybe just a bit longer than that if we look at them from a dinosaur angle. But whether you love them strictly for their fantastical beauty, their symbolism of luck, strength and power or the possibility of a scientific connection, dragons in one form or another really set the imagination flying.

There's a song by an artist named Jimmie Spheeris, who had one of the most amazing dragon tats and an equally amazing sound, that I think would be great to go along with our theme this week. the song is called The Dragon is Dancing.

Jimmie may no longer be with us, but, somewhere, I'm sure his dragon is still dancing.

Now, let's go shopping!

Dancing Dragon Shop Number 1
Shop name: The Wizard of Charms

Wow! This gorgeous charm would be just perfect for a Valentine's gift for your sweetheart or for yourself. I adore the blue background with that silver dragon. Did I tell ya it's gorgeous?

Dancing Dragon Shop Number 2
Shop name: Pentip's Place

This next one will make your jaw drop. I know this really took a lot of hard work to create something as beautiful as our next delicate and lovely dragon. And you can get it in a choice of colors!

Dancing Dragon Shop Number 3
Shop name: Night Sky Jewelry from In Art Studio

Well, this next one is just breath-taking! You have to see it to believe it! Only a true dragon himself could tame such a dragon as this fine specimen. (And I love the disclaimer at the bottom of the item description!)

Dancing Dragon Shop Number 4
Shop name: Marty Magic Jewelry

Again, another incredible work of art that you can wear! This little beauty might just whisper sweet nothings or long lost spells of fame and wealth into your ear -- you never know when it comes to a dragon.

Dancing Dragon Shop Number 5
Shop name: Merimask Designs

Do you wish you could be a dragon? Or maybe you just have a costume party to attend and you want to be the sure winner of the door prize? Well, this fine mask is just what you need. Just be careful that you don't singe anyone's eyebrows -- it's that realistic!

Had enough of dragons yet? Me neither! But it's a Dragon year, my friends, and there are plenty more where these beauties came from at

Have any dragon tales to tell? I'd love to read all about it in the comments below. Just click where it says 'comments' and tell me all about it. If you're shy, here's a little incentive: if you tell me your story, I promise to tell you about my dragon encounter when I was about 17.

What other beast of yore might grace my blog? Could it be the noble unicorn? Why, yes! I do believe we shall be seeing a whole herd of them in next week's Friday Faves.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone and take care out there!


Anne Marie said...

O my!!!! What lovely things to wake up to! You know I'm going to be spending a lot of time looking at these : ) Lovely choices, all; I can't say which I like best. Because I like them all!

I'm not sure I have a dragon story of my own. I do know of one who lives in a world glimpsed episodically, who sings in a cave above a waterfall and talks to the Fay, and rarely, to human Singers. It's been glimpsed by mortal Child and Maid, and soared into the last light of evening in the West....

Lesa Kay said...

Love it! So glad you enjoyed this one so much. :-)

I think I know of that dragon you speak of. Sure wish I could read more about it. ;-)

Now, since you were so kind to share your dragon tale, I'll keep my promise and share my dragon tale in return.

Back when I was around 17, I was seated in the school library overlooking the atrium. I happened to look up from the book I was reading and noticed two very strange creatures that flitted and flew around one of the bushes and the bright white wall of the atrium. The fact that they could flit and fly about took me quite by surprise, because up until they started moving like that, expanding a membrane at their sides, I just thought they were incredibly large Anoles, like what we have here in Florida. But the Draco type lizards are definitely not indigenous to Florida.

I found the sighting to be quite magical for some time after that, and it still is, really, but now I know more about lizards. At that time they were completely alien to me and seemed like something out of prehistory or even fantasy.

I have decided since then that they probably escaped from the local zoo. There was also a family nearby who took care of some of the zoo animals. The lizards may have escaped from them -- like the monkeys that I saw leaping all through the trees as I came home from school one afternoon. Talk about a surreal experience!

But that's a monkey tale and best saved for another day. ;-)

Anne Marie said...

You will, as soon as the dragon consents to sharing one of her tales again. : )

That was a neat experience, with the draco lizards. Easy to see why it was so magical. Thanks for sharing it!

And your blog --- I look forward to it Fridays.

(and now you have me hoping you will tell that monkey tale some time)

Lesa Kay said...