Monday, January 9, 2012

Handmade Paint Brush - A Tutorial

Hello friend! Welcome to 'No Stranger Here', my comfy little corner on the internet.

Have you ever found yourself suddenly struck with an idea for a painting but found yourself paint brush poor? Well, of course, if you're a professional artist that might be a very rare occurrence for you. But for some of us, who have more sporadic painting ideas, this little tutorial might be a big help.

*tied (with a whip knot, not 'tired'.) I think I was 'tired' when I was creating this tutorial. LOL ;-)

I hope you enjoyed my little handmade paint brush tutorial.

Have you ever made your own paint brushes before? Maybe you used something other than your own hair? I've used pieces of a sponge before. A piece of sponge can even be secured just like in the above tutorial. I would love to read all about your own paint brush adventures in the comments.

Take care out there!

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