Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Faves 67 - Science

From Archimedes, who, of course, gave us the Archimedes Screw, which is still in use around the world to this day and an explanation of how a lever works in his study On the Equilibrium of Planes to Stephen Hawking, a physicist and cosmologist, who has taken us even deeper into Einstein's Theory of Gravity by showing us that Einstein's theory allowed for singularities, which are points where spacetime appears to be curved infinitely, and so much more -- great minds have taken us to the highest heights and and the deepest depths.

This week we're going to do a little scientific delving of our own when we head on over to to see just what discoveries in science we can make there.

And to wend us on our way, let's start with a little ditty called She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby, co-creator of Headspace and the tech company Beatnik, Inc.:

Now, let's go shopping!

Science Shop 1
Shop name: Surrender Dorothy

This guy might seem a little nervous when you first meet him but I think if you give him a chance you'll find he's really quite nice. After all, sensitive guys are so hard to find these days. ;-)
Love the shop name!  

Science Shop 2
Shop name: MondoAntico

This is a very serious instrument and will be great for anyone who may breed birds, horses or other animals (great for detecting health issues). It would also be great for anyone interested in amateur science studies.

Science Shop 3
Shop name: Continental Divine

This antique Bunsen Burner would look great on a shelf or on your desk in your laboratory but I wouldn't recommend actually using it and neither does the shop owner. 

Science Shop 4
Shop name: Crazy Dog T-shirts

Just for fun, because I couldn't resist it when I saw it.

Be sure to drop back by for Music Monday when I'll share some great tunes with you by one of my favorite groups, Steeleye Span. The upcoming Tuesday Tutorial will be about the fascinating job of Graphic Facilitator.

Until then, have a great weekend, everyone, and take care out there!

By the way, my favorite scientists are Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. Who are your favorites?


Anne Marie said...

Marconi, we used to visit Marconi station on Cape Cod when we vacationed there. All that's left is a few pieces of the tower footings that were saved from being eroded away.

Lesa Kay said...

O, he's a good choice! Shame the tower's gone. What a cool place to visit all the same.