Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Faves 77 - Election Time!

Whether you're planning a party for the night of the election or you simply want to show your support for your particular candidate, Etsy has a bumper sticker, a t-shirt, a button or even cupcake toppers for that!

To start us off today I'm going to share a bit of a chuckle worthy songified version of the Presidential debates created by Schmoyoho:

Now let's go voting, I mean, shopping!

Election Shop 1
Shop name: Psychedelic Tara's Groovy Gift Emporium

Wear all six of these campaign buttons that come in this pack to really show your support for President Obama, or you could share them with your friends and family.

Election Shop 2
Shop name: Bead on Time

This shirt is a great way to let others know exactly how you feel about this election.

Election Shop 3
Shop name: Biased Baby

Is your baby biased about Mitt Romney? Well, there's a onesie for that!

Gotta love the shop name! Cute!

Election Shop 4
Shop name: Kari Ann Kelly - Graphic Design and Crafts Of All Kinds

Well, we started this out today with a chuckle, so let's end it with a chuckle.

For all of the Star Wars fans out there, of which I am one, why not vote for someone who can really save our skins.

Get out there and vote!

Monday I'll treat your ears to someone I have recently discovered, Lindsey Stirling, so stayed tuned for that and Tuesday I'll share a tutorial on how to fix your own flapper valve (nothing worse than a leaky flapper valve). Next week's Friday Faves begins our path into the holiday season, so be sure to check in for all of the holiday finds that I'll feature in the coming weeks.

Until then, have a great weekend, everyone, and take care out there!

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