Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Faves 91 - I Hate Valentine's Day

I don't actually hate Valentine's Day but I thought it would be fun to give the whole hearts and flowers holiday a final send off with a bit of a bite.

So, for all of you Valentine's Day haters out there, here's your moment to whine! After all, February 15th is Singles Awareness Day.

And for your listening enjoyment: Joan Jett and the Black Hearts with I Hate Myself for Loving You:

Now, let's go shopping!

Anti-Valentine Shop 1
Take my breath away. No, seriously. I'm trying not to breathe.

Anti-Valentine Shop 2
Just a little card to let that "certain someone" know that you could do better.

Anti-Valentine Shop 3
Because nothing says "You black-hearted wench!" like a glittery black heart necklace.

Anti-Valentine Shop 4
And for the serious Valentine's Day Hater...

Now that we're done with the whole Valentine's Day thing for the year, we can concentrate on much more important holidays, like St. Patrick's Day. Heh! Just kidding! Don't be throwin' any shamrocks at me. ;-) Next week's Friday Faves we will indeed wander through the clover and enjoy, at least, the hope of Spring. Because, my friends, at least for the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is just around the corner. Music Monday I'll share a breath of fresh air and springtime all bundled into one sweet lady, the music of Minnie Riperton. May she rest in peace. Then Tuesday Tutorial we can learn how to change the oil in our cars.

Until then, have a great weekend, everyone, and take care out there!

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