Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Faves 98 - Wedding

Well, it's getting to be that time of year again and it's a great time to start searching out Etsy shops to find just the perfect touch, gown, or pre-made theme to make your wedding, well, perfect.

My all-time favorite wedding song: Paul Stookey's Wedding Song (There Is Love):

Now, let's go shopping!

Wedding Shop 1
L Rose Designs
Pretty bridesmaids all in a row!

Wedding Shop 2
Seashells by Seashore
What a beautiful way to present the ring!

Wedding Shop 3
Blushing bride in a blush pink gown!

Wedding Shop 4
Happy Little Heart
Cute, custom portraits here!

Because I'm on the sensible, yet romantic side, I thought I would share this article that I found that offers ten reasons to have a small wedding. Makes sense to me --- and it captures my romantic side as well.

Here's wishing you and your beloved your very own happily ever after!

For Monday Music (now hosted on my Cherish blog) I'll be featuring the music of Evanescence. Tuesday Tutorial will bring more options for exercisers, and next Friday Faves we'll start making plans for honoring our beloved mothers, because Mother's Day isn't far away.

Have a happy weekend and week to come, take care out there!

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