Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Faves - Swim For It or Dive Trying!

As some of you may be already aware, I have a book coming out called, Cherish. That's what that 'Cherish' tab up there under the big picture of the merry-go-round is all about. But for the sake of new visitors (Hi! Glad you stopped by!), I thought I might get in a small plug for my book in the form of a Friday Faves post about Swim and Dive-related items at Etsy.

I know! I'm --
Shameless (as sung by Garth Brooks):

What can I say? None of that conditional love for me, like Meatloaf. ;-)

Now, let's go shopping!

Salty Sea Treasures
I like the tone of this!

Sage Studios
Wow! This is just incredibly cool!

Her Gummy Grin
For the swimmer in your life!

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith...

Who doesn't love a cute suit?

Thanks for indulging my passion this week. I hope you'll drop by my Cherish blog for Music Monday when I feature the music of a group I recently discovered called, Cherish. You knew I had to give these young ladies a listen when I found them! They are very smooth and soulful. Tuesday Tutorial, which is featured here at No Stranger Here, will be about Nautical Knot Tying. Friday Faves will feature Father's Day items.

Until then, have a great weekend, everyone, and take care out there!

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