Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Faves - Halloween 1

As you might have guessed by the designation of 1, there will be more Halloween Friday Faves to come. I'm doing this because I know it can take some time for delivery of an item and I want to try to make sure you can get whatever you may like that I present here in time for Halloween.

Now, let's go haunting -- I mean, shopping!

Aunt Georgia's Boutique
I don't usually like clowns (except the ones with the big, fuzzy buttons) but this little clown captured my heart and I'm sure she will capture your heart too!

The Wishing Elephant
So cute! This onesie is good for Oktoberfest celebrations or as a Halloween costume.

D'Jammar Maternity
This would be a fun way to announce to everyone that you're pregnant. Frightnin'! Frightnin'! (Psst! They have one for Thanksgiving too!)

Cheaper Than Shirt!
Dads, what a great way to show off your sympathy bump this Halloween!

Stay tuned in to my Cherish Blog for updates on my upcoming novel and a great new band called The Good Water on Music Monday. Then drop back by here on Tuesday for a great How-to on Winterizing Your Home and then again on Friday for some more scarrrrrry Etsy finds!

Until then, have a great weekend everyone and take care out there!


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