Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Faves - Son of Winter Warmth

Baby, it's C-C-C-Cold outside! Even here in Florida it's been cold! Jeepers! I'm done with Winter -- how about you? Let's all migrate to Hawaii!

Something tropical to help warm you up!

Now, let's go shopping!

I LOVE Katwise upcycled sweater coats! This is for a tutorial on how to make them just like she does! But she will have about 50 new sweaters in her shop on January 30th. So if you want an orginal Katwise Sweater Coat, then be sure to be ready to grab one because they really go super fast!

Because I love all things nautical, I give to you -- an anchor! Anchors Aweigh!

Of Moon and Stars
Something pretty and modern to keep baby warm!

As Is Repurposed Items
It may not keep you warm, but I couldn't pass it up! This is just so cool and would look great with just about anyone's decor.

Next Friday Faves I want to start focusing on Valentine's Day items because of shipping times, so that's what you can expect to be here next week. Music Monday will be dedicated to the music of Mike Cavanaugh. Tuesday Tutorial will be focused on things to do to help improve your mood during the cold and wintry months.

Until then have a great weekend everyone (I certainly intend to do so, since it's my birthday on Sunday) and take care out there!

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