Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Faves - Spring Cleaning

Photo by Lee Lane 26 March 2014 Mockingbird Nest
 I took this photo on Wednesday (or was that WedNESTday?) and today as I was standing in the same place looking out over my handiwork -- the hedges I had trimmed, not the nest, I heard a growl come from above. I looked up and there was Mrs. Mockingbird (or Mr. It's had to tell) struggling to get one of the twigs s/he had brought to fill out the nest more fully. I found it somewhat amusing to hear a mockingbird growl with frustration just as I do when something isn't quite as easy as I first thought it might be.

If you're wondering what that fluffy bit is, it's the remnants of a cigarette butt. Not mine. I don't smoke. It belongs to one of my neighbors who live in the same building. They throw them down a lot around here.

But I digress, for Spring (and love) is in the air and the birds and the bees are doing their thing and it's time -- yes, it's time for a good Spring Cleaning!

To all the Fragile beauty out there, 2Cellos:

Now, let's go shopping!

Get your clean on and get your cleaning tasks organized, too!

For a clean sweep in life and in your home!

Delicate Expressions
A gentle reminder that you will someday miss all that hard work.

Wise Earth Remedies
I love cleaning with Tea Tree Oil! It smells so fresh!

Today you got a small taste of the immensely delicious talents of the two gentlemen who are 2Cellos. I will be featuring their music for Music Monday on my Cherish blog. What I Believe Wednesday will return and, in honor of April Fourth, which was a day of awakening for me in 2007, I would like to share Etsy finds of a loving and spiritual nature for my next Friday Faves right here at No Stranger Here.

Until then, have a beautiful weekend and take care out there!

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