Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I Believe - Bring On The Happy!

Helping other people in whatever way that we can is one of the great gifts our Heavenly Father has given us, his children.  After all, doesn't it feel really good when we do something for someone else?

Last Friday I read a Meridian Magazine article that really moved me and I could hardly wait until Wednesday to share it with my readers who may not know about Meridian Magazine.

The article is by Rynna Ollivier and is located at the following link:

Thirty Easy Acts of Service to Brighten Your Day

I would like to add a few of my own to Rynna's wonderful list:

1. Mow a friend's or neighbor's lawn, clip their hedges (if you're good at that sort of thing), or offer to walk their dog - if it's familiar and friendly with you.

2. Pray for people who are having arguments. Sometimes we feel like shaking our heads when we overhear a neighbor's argument or when two people have a more public disagreement. I've often noticed that the people who are arguing calm down rather quickly when heavenly intervention is enlisted.

3. Buy something for someone that they want or, especially, that they may need but can't afford. Maybe you could pay for someone's car repairs or even buy them a car or give them an old one you might have that's still operating efficiently.

4. If you ride a bus, pay the person's fare behind you.

5. Rub your spouse's feet after a long, hard day.

6. Put pennies in the penny holder next to a cash register so if someone's a bit short there will be change there to cover it.

7. If you get a crabby or otherwise unpleasant waiter or waitress, give them a big tip anyway. You never know what kind of day they've had. They might not be feeling well or they may be worried about a child or other family member.

8. Be kind to someone you may not like. A simple act of kindness could lead to a wonderful friendship.

9. Clean up your own table at a restaurant or at least make it as orderly as possible so the person who buses the tables gets a small break. And while you're at it -- leave a tip for the person who cleans the tables as well as the wait staff. They seldom get any tips and they probably need it the most.

10. Do your spouse's chores sometimes.

11. Buy from or help out a small or struggling business.

 [The following are ones that could go along with some that are already on Rynna's list. That's why they're numbered the way they are.]

12 a. If you know of a homeless person, someone you see on a regular basis. Maybe the person is near your job or you see them when you jog past a park or something. Decide to feed that person every day. It can be as simple as just making them a sandwich or giving them a piece of fruit. Make sure they have enough blankets in the Winter. But just resolve to do whatever you can for that one homeless person. Try not to get too frustrated with them if they don't miraculously change under your care. Just be glad to help them.

19 a. Feed other animals too. Sometimes there are feral animals that you could help in some capacity.

30 a. Leave little love notes for your spouse in different places for them to find throughout their day. Do this for your kids too.

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I feel that when we are serving others, we are, in fact, serving God.

This is what I believe.

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