Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Faves 16 - Belly Dance

Ever since I first saw Serena Wilson flipping a coin with her abs on The Mike Douglas Show and Barbara Eden in her cute, but kitschy, belly dance costume on the old sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, I have been drawn to the art of Belly Dancing. A PBS special on Isadora Duncan also helped to inspire me towards more ancient dance forms. Of course in those days belly dancing classes weren't available to me, so I tap danced instead and studied a little ballet from books I brought home from the school library.

Alas, to look at me now, you would not see a dancer, but at one time in my life I used to dance every day and I enjoyed an, albeit short, stint in bell dancing. (I did Rocky Horror, too -- but that's so last week! [See Friday Faves 15] ;-) ) It may have been a very long time since I performed in front of other people, but the urge and the fire to get up and shake, yes, my money-maker, is still with me whenever I hear any type of music with a good, moving rhythm to it.

I also admire other dancers very much. It has always been such a pleasure to me to see the other girls (and boys) getting out there and creating and recreating the wonderful, alluring and sometimes dramatic art form known most often as Belly Dance.

This is one of the best Belly Dance sites around, located here:

It is one of the most highly frequented Belly Dance sites and might prove useful to any of you who might want a good place to advertise your Belly Dance items or dancing abilities for that matter. Advertisements do cost, though. Check out there advertisement section. (You will need to create an account to advertise.)

Here is the late great Serena Wilson in one of her 1980s performances:

And for the best in vintage belly dance music, please direct your browser to Radio Bastet:

I have been listening to Radio Bastet almost since its beginning. I just love some of that old, smoky-sounding music!

Now, let's go shopping!

Belly Dance Shop Number 1

Shop name: Magic Carpet Dance Arts

This is a wonderful shop filled with unique hand-painted panels/temple skirts and jewelry based on bridal henna patterns. Breathtakingly beautiful workmanship! Just see for yourself at the link below.

Belly Dance Shop Number 2

Shop name: Sew Be It Creations

A few weeks back when I did my Friday Faves on Pirates, I ran across a team-owned shop with a section on Belly Dance. I knew then and there that I would have to bring this shop section back for a future Friday Faves, because I was so impressed with everything I saw. There are Cholis, jewelry and more! Feast your eyes on the lovely two-piece ensemble at the link below!

Belly Dance Shop Number 3

Shop name: Erika's Chiquis

For one-of-a-kind patchwork skirts and more, stop by this next shop and take a look around. You'll certainly be glad you did when you see the gorgeous variety of items available, such as this skirt at the following link.

Belly Dance Shop Number 4

Shop name: Katherine Summer

You won't be disappointed in the variety at Katherine Summer's shop either! Just check out her listing for an Arabian Nights Couture Bedlah (custom order). She does such a great job! This bedlah is so alluring!

Belly Dance Shop Number 5

Shop name: Black Lodge Jewelry

For a lovely headpiece (and many other items besides) just drop in at Black Lodge Jewelry! The Art Deco headpiece, for instance, is to die for! It's just fabulous for a 1920s-style Belly Dance costume theme or just to wear to your favorite club!

Well, that wraps up our Friday Faves for this week. I hope to see you back next week when the theme will be -- Pool Party! Yeah! Let's all gather around the swimming pool, get the bar-b-que going and enjoy part of what Summer is all about -- having fun in the sun (or moon, depending on your particular preference).

Have a great weekend everyone!

Take care out there!


Erika's Chiquis said...

Thanks so much for adding me to the list of awesome etsy shops.

Lesa Kay said...

O, you're welcome! :-)

lana said...

love all your links, now i need to go shopping!
thanks for promoting my Black Lodge Jewelry shop too!

Lesa Kay said...

You're welcome, lana! Glad you enjoyed the links. :-)