Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Barkticles - Halo

I can see your halo, halo, halooooOOOOooooooo....

O, pardon me. I was just singing along with one of my favorite songs, Halo. Beyonce's great hit. I love to sing along with her because it reminds me of my favorite food. Well, I'm a Beagle, what did you expect me to be thinking about when I hear the song Halo? O... that! Well, love's good food, too! Ask any Beagle! But not even a cat can live off of Love alone. We all need healthy and nutritious food.

And, yes, Beagles know that even cats need good nutrition.

So this is why I'm recommending to you my favorite food, well, besides table scraps, which I'm not supposed to eat. Beagles have very good noses and we know how to get into mischief sometimes.

But I digress.

My favorite food is made by a company called Halo. That's right! Just like that great Beyoncé song! Only this company has been around since 1986.

Just take a look at all the great ingredients your Dog (or cat) can enjoy at !

So barks I, pawed --

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