Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Faves 17 - Summertime

It's Summertime, baby! Time to get into those bikinis, one-pieces, shorts, sleeveless blouses and tank tops! The days are hot and the nights are balmy. It's a beautiful time of year, one that we here in Florida, and other parts of the United States, like California, enjoy milder weather most of the year, get to enjoy for just a little bit longer than the rest of the country. So, maybe, Summer isn't as big of a deal down here as it is elsewhere. Elsewhere, where the weather gets bitterly cold, the snow falls heavily and wool is the cloth of choice, Summertime may be the only time when you can enjoy a nice BBQ with friends around the pool.

So let's live it up! You DESERVE it!

Let's do this shopping thing -- right now! Time's a'wasting -- it's already July!

But let's get a little Summertime mood music going first with this kick-ass guitarist's Summer Song! Go Joe Satriani!

Now if that doesn't pump you up and get you ready to do some shopping -- I just don't know what will! ;-)

Summertime Shop Number 1

Shop name: Black Cat Swimwear

All right, my friends! It's time to suit up! Whether you're slipping into a bikini or something a little less revealing, whether your intentions are to get wet or just do a little sunning -- you know, soak up some of that good ol' fashion Vitamin D! You gotta have a bathing suit! And at Black Cat Swimwear you can find an utterly fab fit for you!

Summertime Shop Number 2

Shop name: Beata's Soul

And for struttin' your fine stuff around the pool or on a warm afternoon's window shopping trip, these lovely Summer Sandals will make you feel cool and very, very pretty!

Summertime Shop Number 3

Shop name: Xanadu Designs Fancy Hair Accessories

Hair. What are we going to do with our Summertime hair? We're out in the sun and riding around in convertibles, on the backs of motor cycles or on our own scooters. Our hair is going everywhere! We need some control, but it needs to look pretty, too! I think I have just the thing for that in this shop! Take a look for yourself and I think you'll agree, this has both beauty and functionality -- two things I adore!

Summertime Shop Number 4

Shop name: My Beauty Addiction

Since we're exposed to sunlight for a lot longer in Summertime than at any other time of the year, it's a good idea to use a good sunscreen to help protect our skin from damaging rays. Here's one that is SPF 30 and is almost entirely natural, too!

They also make a Deet Free insect repellent!

Summertime Shop Number 5

Shop name: Aspen Ironworks

Remember that BBQ I mentioned earlier? Well, here's what we're cooking it on! This is Cookie's Wagon Wheel, my friends, and it's not only cute (adorable, actually) but easy to cook on -- and clean! Talk about a winning combination! It's also eco-friendly in that it is made out of recycled metal!

Cookie the Cowboy is made out of a recycled horseshoe and other recycled metal and holds up the grill like a real Cowboy gentleman!

Yee-Haw, pardnahs! Let's rustle up some grub!

Sighhh... Well, we've come to the end of our Friday Faves for this week, but don't be glum! At least Summer isn't over yet! There's still lots more fun to be had and a few more Friday Faves to go before we start entering the crisper, cooler days of Autumn.

Be sure to stop back by next week when we're going to really pamper ourselves with some great Bath Time goodies!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Take care out there!

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