Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Faves 18 - Bath Time

Well, here we are again for another fun-filled and fabulous Friday Faves! This week we're going to peek inside the bathroom to see what we can do to liven it up a bit.

Ahhhh, bath time!!! I love it! Actually, I usually love a good shower, but when I do take a bath I love to be able to surround myself with candles, maybe some rose petals floating in the water with me, my favorite rubber ducky and some soft music. Then I can just soak the day's cares away!

This week I'm going to show you some great ideas for your own special "me" time through some wonderful Etsy shops that understand that a bathroom can be more than -- well, a bathroom!

Here's a fun old bath time song to get us started. It's called Splish Splash by the late great Bobby Darin!

Now, let's go shopping!

Bath Time Shop Number 1

Shop name: Expressions Wall Art

Let's play around with the decor of our bathroom a little bit by adding a nice accent to one (or more) of the walls. This shop has some great vinyl decals that would work really well in a bathroom. I particularly like the feel of a few bricks just poking out of the wall. It makes me feel as if I'm in an older house, something with a little history.

The circles would work great, too! They could be used like bubbles!

Bath Time Shop Number 2
Shop name: Curry on the Couch

Or maybe you would like to make sure your kids brush their teeth! Here's a fun reminder for them that you could hang right next to the sink!

Bath Time Shop Number 3

Shop name: Peshtemal Shop

Here is a wonderful and affordable luxury that is so versatile you can use it for more than just drying off after your bath or shower! So many colors to choose from, so I chose one of my favorite colors. M'm! I would love to wrap up in one of these right now!

Bath Time Shop Number 4

Shop name: A J Sweet Soap

At A J Sweet Soap shop you're going to find some wonderful treats for your bath time fun. These soaps are irresistibly delicious and I certainly could not resist the following example. It's just too cute!

This next shop is definitely for ladies only! Seriously, guys. You probably don't want to click on the next link unless you have a wife or a girlfriend (or even your mother) who you think might like to try a different, more eco-friendly way to keep fresh during her period or for other reasons when a panty-liner is needed.

Bath Time Shop Number 5

Shop name: Tamarack Creations

I would be remiss if I did not at least offer a more eco-friendly and, frankly, less expensive way to take care of our needs as women. I know that this idea may seem a little unpleasant at first glance, but I really believe in the ideas behind using reusable cloth pads. For one thing it is similar, but with a more modern approach, to what our ancestors used, and I believe a return to simpler living is a key to a happier, healthier life.

Tamarack has taken the idea of the reusable cloth pad to a fun, yet still very functional level! Just see for yourself!

All Tamarack reusable pads come in mini and maxi, depending on your particular needs.

And, that's it for this week's Friday Faves! I hope you enjoyed these shops as much as I did. There's truly something in these shops for everyone!

Until next week, when the theme will be Bird Watching, have a great weekend everyone, and --

Take care out there!

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