Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Faves 19 - Bird Watching

One of my favorite things to do is to watch birds do what birds do. I love to see them flit from branch to branch, bounce along like wind up toys along the sidewalks and patios outside the restaurants and parks I frequent and of course I enjoy watching them do what they do best -- fly!

Birds come in so many varieties that there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy. From tweeting (the feathered kind) to screeching (the owl kind), I am fascinated by birds! It's interesting to watch their territorial displays, their nest-building techniques (and what they choose for nesting materials) and even tool using abilities.

My dad and I used to watch the birds in our back yard through the large windows in the dining room of our house. We would sit back drinking our coffee just relaxing enjoying all of the birds' activity. It was wonderful and peaceful.

Because birds are, in essence, such musical creatures, many people have been inspired by their songs, including, and probably the most famous musical birdsong innovator, Olivier Messiaen.

To get us started with this week's Friday Faves, let's listen to one of Messiean's beautiful bird inspired pieces La Merle Noir and Coro Yamaguchi's performance of Cranes in Their Nest, which was included on the golden Voyager Interstellar Record . Then, one from the band called The Byrds, just 'cause. ;-)

Now let's do some birdwatching!

Birdwatching Shop Number 1

Shop name: Rural Originals

One of the best ways to draw wild birds to your yard is to put up some real estate for them. In other words, a bird house, and this one from Rural Originals really caught my eye (I love spoons!). The recycled materials are just great, too!

Bird Watching Shop Number 2

Shop name: Andrew's Reclaimed

And another great way to draw birds to your yard is to invite them to dinner! That's right! Who doesn't love a free meal? This feeder is built out of reclaimed cedar and is made to help draw woodpeckers to your yard. It's truly beautiful!

Bird Watching Shop Number 3

Shop name: Upstairs Attic

Field glasses really come in handy when out looking for birds that can sometimes be almost no bigger than your thumb, and for great close-up viewing of some of the more majestic birds, like hawks and eagles. These remind me of my dad's binoculars. We used them to view all sorts of fun stuff when I was growing up!

Bird Watching Shop Number 4

Shop name: Artaviva

A shoulder bag would come in useful on our jaunt through the woods in search of that elusive bird that we have yet to check off our birdwatching list. We can pack a sandwich, a water bottle and field glasses inside this one! It is heavy-duty and can stand up to a little tree-climbing or whatever else we might have to do to get a close-up view of our rare bird.

Bird Watching Shop Number 5

Shop name: Drunken Cows

And for those inclement days when we can't get out to watch the birds, there's this beautiful painting to brighten the day and help lift our mood. It also has two of my favorite birds on it, so, naturally, I couldn't pass it up! ;-)

Well, that's all the shop-watching we have time for this week. Be sure to stop back by next week when our Friday Faves theme will be Gardening! From seed bombs to window boxes, we're going to take a peek at some special items made just for greening up, flowering up and empowering up our green spaces!

What is your favorite bird or birdwatching place? I would love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend everyone and take care out there!


Nora said...

Very Interesting.. Thanks so much for the feature...

Lesa Kay said...

You're welcome, Nora! I'm glad you found it interesting. :-)

Anne Marie said...

Nice picks, Lesa! though I have to admit, I was fascinated by the mason bee box. FOr birds - I've set up a couple of feeders outside my back door, one for peanuts and two for seed. just got a squirrel proof seed feeder today - have yet to see how well it works. The feeders were a godsend while recuperating a broken ankle - antics to watch while not able to move around much. Love the blog, keep up the work!

Lesa Kay said...

Thanks Anne Marie! The mason bee box is awesome for sure! Good luck with the squirrel-proof seed feeder. Glad you're up and around again -- nature's a great healer in more ways than one. :-)