Sunday, November 20, 2011

Barkticles - If You Care -- And I know You Do -- Please Share This

This is a link to a blog entry concerning the way some humans accidentally poison their beloved pets by using preventative treatments for fleas, ticks and heartworms. There is a wealth of information through links included in this blog entry at Dogs 4 Dogs.

I just got to thinking about how I've been hearing about so many pets with cancer these days and I lifted my nose up off a hot scent long enough to look around to try to find out if there were some answers out there about that. It is what I suspected, because everyone, including pets, are being exposed to deadly toxins all of the time. I'm sure there are other factors, of course, but I'm not surprised to learn that the very treatments that are used to prevent flea and tick infestations can actually do pets harm, not to mention what people spray on their lawns etc.

Anyway, I hope you'll look into some of these things for your own pets' safety, as well as your own.

So barks I, pawed --

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