Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Faves 35 - December Celebrations, Part II

Last week I focused on the holidays of Chanukah, Christmas and a touch of the old pagan celebration of Yule. This week I'm going to focus more on Winter Solstice celebrations, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day and, of course, New Year's Eve.

And, hopefully, you all won't mind, I'm going to indulge my Moody Blues enthusiasm with something from their holiday CD entitled December. Well, I know I had George Winston's December last week, but, well, just give it a listen and I think you won't be disappointed with what you hear. ;-)

Now, let's go shopping!

December Shop Number 1
Shop name: B Blonski Designs

This first offering falls under the mantle of Winter Solstice. If you happen to be celebrating with a lovely Midwinter party, these invitations will be perfect for announcing your event.

December Shop Number 2
Shop name: Sunflower Candles

In honor of Kwanzaa celebrations, I would like to bring these lovely beeswax candles to your attention. Naturally hypoallergenic, give them as a gift or use them in your own Kinara.

December Shop Number 3
Shop name: Ellipsis Design

Leaning more towards the Irish form of Boxing Day/St. Stephen's Day, I present to you -- The King of Birds! These beautiful cards are a perfect way to send greetings to your friends and family this season.

December Shop Number 4
Shop name: Bekah Jennings

This banner is a beautiful way to decorate for the New Year and is even interactive with four silver bells! It reminds me of one of my favorite carols Silver Bells.

December Shop Number 5
Shop name: C G Heaven

Need a classic 'little black dress' with a bit of pizazz for that trendy New Year's Eve party you've been invited to? Here's just the one! Hot and sizzling! You'll light up any space with an explosion of glittering beauty.

I would like to take a moment to comment before I close out this week's Friday Faves. Whatever your faith or even if you don't claim any faith, I hope you will take the time to celebrate what is most important to you in your life and what you feel is most important about the holidays. For me, it is Christ.

So whether it's family, deity, miracles or simply peace and beauty; light and love -- celebrate those things and don't let the commercialism that is so rappant at this time of year take away from your enjoyment of the season. When it comes to gift giving, buy handmade, buy locally or make something yourself to give to others. Don't be afraid to teach your children that the latest, greatest or most hot item of the season is just a come-on by big, soulless corporations.

What are some of the ways that you and your family have decided to avoid commercialism this year? I'd love to read all about it in the comments.

Blessings upon you and yours. I wish you all the very best and warmest wishes of the season.

Have a great weekend, great holidays and take care out there everyone!

[Friday Faves will return 6 January 2012 with Winter Weather Finds.]


Anne Marie said...

Love your choices, again! In the spirit of non-commercialism, this year, I made my own cards; and for gifts for the families, my sister and I framed reverse glass paintings that my mother made in the late seventies. True, we bought the frames but well before the shopping frenzy season. Will be looking for Friday Faves' return!

Lesa Kay said...

Thank you and thanks for commenting. :-)

With me, this year, I've made handmade Christmas cards, crochet items (won't say just what just in case certain people are looking (you know who you are ;-), an apple candle for a co-worker who already got her candle, so it's okay to say, and I'm still trying to decide on poetry, a short story or a song for one person in particular -- or maybe a combination of all three. lol

Frankly, it's really taken the pressure off of the holidays. I'm enjoying them more so.

You know, I used to try to get my dad to just make me something for Christmas, but he always insisted on purchasing stuff for me. But out of all of that stuff, the things that have stayed with me are his carvings, small boxes and other handmade items. They're so much more personal and really hold up to the test of time.