Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Faves 42 - The Wearin' O' The Green

St. Patrick's Day is only a couple of weeks away, so I wanted to share with everyone just what Etsy has to offer for that great green-wearing day of March 17th. So ye better read on or ye'll feel the kiss of me shillelagh!

St. Patrick's Day, like most holidays, is a great excuse to kick back and have a little fun. I think it's true when they say that on St. Patrick's Day everyone is Irish!

Here's a Wikipedia article link that will help anyone who is not familiar with Saint Patrick's Day understand what it's all about.

So let's start this week's Friday Faves off right with a shamrockin' song from the Irish Rovers called The Orange and The Green:

Now, let's go shopping!

St. Paddy's Day Shop Number 1
Shop name: Wanessa Carolina Creations

Check out this lovely printable package. You get lots of great stuff to help you decorate for the day. Fun, and a great price, too, at only $6.00!

St. Paddy's Day Shop Number 2
Shop name: Playin' Hooky Designs

And here's something for the little shamrock in your life --- an awesome Leprechaun hat with flaps! If you live in a cold and windy area this would be great for keeping those little ears warm --- or even yours warm! Yes, it can even be made in adult sizes.

St. Paddy's Day Shop Number 3
Shop name: Crazy Dog Tshirts

Who says you're too tall to be a Leprechaun? No one! That's who. There will be no more shenanigans from anyone when they see you in this great t-shirt that puts an end to that age-old question: "Can a Leprechaun really be 6-feet-tall?" Why, yes! Yes, they can!

I love their 'took an arrow to the knee' shirt as well.

St. Paddy's Day Shop Number 4
Shop name: The Embellishment Junkies

Is green just not your thing but you don't want to end up black and blue by the end of the day? Well, here's your very own pinch-proof patch! That's right! If you're wearin' this, they can't pinch that! A great idea and fun design!

St. Paddy's Day Shop Number 5
Shop name: Jellybean Apparel

I'm sorry. I know we have another t-shirt already, but I just couldn't pass this one up, nor this shop, because it's great! I definitely laughed out loud immediately upon seeing this fun little gem. Completely clever and o-so-sweet all at the same time!

So, that's it for this week's Friday Faves. Happy (soon-to-be) St. Patrick's Day everyone! Make sure to stop back by next week when our Friday Faves theme will be that wonderful, beauteous day of Easter! Yes, we are going to dye some eggs, frolic out in the open air and just generally have a lovely celebration. And so that everyone gets to get in on the Easter fun, I'll be touching upon both Christian and Pagan traditions.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in next week's Easter themed Friday Faves or if you have a suggestion for a future Friday Faves theme, please, feel free to jump right on in and comment in the comment section below.

Until next Friday, have a great weekend everyone and take care out there!


Anne Marie said...

Love the leprechaun hat : )

Hope your weekend is going well.

Lesa Kay said...

It is neat, huh?

Going... going... gone! The weekend that is. lol Guess I should check these comments more often. ;-)