Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Faves 43 - Spring/Easter

Oh! I just love this time of year! Here in Florida trees are starting to bud with those beautiful tender green leaves that allow the sun's light to shine through them. So lovely! My romaine lettuce is just starting to peek up out of the soil, too! Yum!

Last night I went outside to look at the 'super' full moon and it was right above the camphor tree, which is absolutely covered in those young leaves. The moon's light made it look as if it was covered in a soft green lace. Absolutely breath-taking!

For me Spring brings with it the promise of renewal and healing, and, especially redemption, since I am a Christian and that is my belief.

For others Spring brings similar feelings, but for different reasons, and that's allright, because our differences make the world go round. Imagine if we all looked the same, believed the same, sounded the same. What a boring world this would be!

So let's celebrate our beautiful differences today with a piano instrumental by Yiruma called Spring:

What beautiful music and such a beautiful video to go along with that music.

Now, let's go shopping!

Easter/Spring Shop Number 1
Shop name: Growin with Chel

This is such a cool idea for Spring and Easter celebrations. What a wonderful way to welcome the season!

Easter/Spring Shop Number 2
Shop name: Ukranian Easter Eggs

I'm fascinated by Pysanky. The intricacy of the art is astounding! I love what this artisan has created with it!

Easter/Spring Shop Number 3
Shop name: Artlandish Creations

What says Spring more than a pair of Fairy Ear Wings? Well, not much that I can think of, and I agree -- these would make a perfect Easter basket stuffer!

Love the shop name, too!

Easter/Spring Shop Number 4
Shop name: Danielle Barlow Art

A serene and elegant depiction of Eostre that really captured my heart when I saw it. So beautiful...

Easter/Spring Shop Number 5
Shop name: Red with Envy Designs

Now if this doesn't entice that rascally rabbit, Peter Cottontail, to stop by your house - then I don't know what will! A fun way to announce the season.

I hope your Easter and Springtime celebrations bring you and yours much joy and a childlike delight for all the wonders of this magical world of ours.

Friday Faves will return next week with a tribute to Native Americans.

As always, feel free to comment in the comment section below. I'm always interested in your thoughts.

Have a great weekend, a Happy Easter and a Happy Spring everyone, and take care out there!


Anne Marie said...

Love them all! But the pysanky are gorgeous. Make me almost ready to get out the jars, dyes and kistkas again.

Returning the wishes to you for weekend, Easter and Spring!

Lesa Kay said...

I wish you would get out the jars, dyes and kistkas - I love your pysanky style! :-)

Thank you for the good wishes!