Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Faves 44 - Native Americans

First off, I want to thank everyone who stops by to read my blog. I really enjoy sharing the handmade movement, something that I believe in so heartily, with you, you and - you! Thank you!

In this week's Friday Faves we're going to venture into some really amazing territory and enjoy some art pieces that are part of or touch upon a subject that means a lot to me - Native American History and Culture.

I grew up around a family of Native Americans and their son, David, who passed on many years ago, influenced my early days profoundly. His kindness and generosity will never be forgotten by me and though David was a lot older than me, he never treated me like the pesky little kid that I probably was. He was always sweet and patient with me. He taught me a lot of things just by his fine example, such as responsibility for one's actions and just plain old how to have fun. He even taught me how to whistle!

Thank you, David! This one's for you!

Ulali singing All My Relations:

Native American Shop Number 1
Shop name: Stargazer Mercantile

I just love the great detail this artist has provided in creating this gorgeous pillow and in the retelling of the history that inspires her work. It really speaks to a deep affection for Native American culture and history.

Native American Shop Number 2
Shop name: Eli Thomas Art

I am feeling happy tears because of Eli Thomas' work. You can really feel the positivity flowing out of him through his paintbrush. I really love this painting in particular, because it speaks to my love of peace and freedom. I love the story of The Great Tree of Peace.

Native American Shop Number 3
Shop name: Two Feathers Jewelry

I agree that we would all be a lot happier in our lives if more and more people would learn to 'walk in beauty'. This is a peaceful and uplifting philosophy that I love. The bracelet is a gorgeous reminder of this philosophy.

Native American Shop Number 4
Shop name: Seminole Bead Company

My mother, who was born in Plant City, Florida and who admired Seminole patchwork designs, once made an outfit for me influenced by that style for a Native American studies class project. I loved that outfit so much and the teacher admired it, too, as well as two other students' outfits, that we got to wear our outfits for a second day at school.

This outfit, that was made by the shop owner's cousin, Virginia Osceola, reminds me of that one but with a lot more flash and sparkle that I simply could not pass by when I saw it. I think you'll agree that it's a magnificent outfit.

Make sure to check out all of the gorgeous jewelry in Tina's shop as well.

Native American Shop Number 5
Shop name: From The River Collective

There are many wonderful items in this shop that are hand-crafted by Native Americans for this collective to help support, sustain and preserve the culture and history of their tribes. This beautiful drum is only one representation of the wonderful talents of these individuals.

I would now like to thank all of the tribes for their long patience and the great lessons of peace and faith that they teach and for their love of a more down-to-earth coexistence with our beautiful natural world. I would like to thank the Five/Six Nations for the influence that they had upon America's Founding Fathers and the Constitution of the United States.

Robbie Robertson and The Red Road Ensemble performing Makh Jchi:

Please return next week when my Friday Faves theme will be all things Dark Shadows. With the upcoming Tim Burton and Johnny Depp version of the old classic daytime drama, I thought it might be nice to see what sort of Dark Shadows memorabilia is available at Etsy.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone, and take care out there!

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