Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Faves 45 - Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows!

Oh. I'm sorry. Did I startle you? I'm just so excited about all of the wonderful Dark Shadows items that I discovered for this week's Friday Faves theme.

I remember how enthralled I was by this show when I was just a little kid. It was the most unique program around at the time and considering that it was filmed in front of a live audience says a lot for the actors and actresses and all of the great behind-the-scenes people who made the show work. Oh, sure. There were glitches -- like pieces of the set falling down, actors who forgot their lines, which would cause an awkward silence that, frankly, seemed like all part of the scare fest that we enjoyed watching so much.

And for our bit of musical inspiration for the week, I've chosen the old intro to the series this Friday Faves is all about.

Now, let's go shopping!

Dark Shadows Shop Number 1
Shop name: Garage Sale Jems

When I first saw this item I felt as if I had time traveled. It was like being right back in the 60s when I was still a very little girl cuddled up with my favorite stuffed animal, Don Key Hoti, my cute little stuffed burro, watching Dark Shadows and listening to those amazingly spine tingling sounds for the very first time. Ah, nostalgia!

Dark Shadows Shop Number 2
Shop name: Prosper Paper and Vinyl

If you're a Frid fanatic this next item is the perfect thing to add to your collection.

[Please be advised there are some adult items in the shop.]

Dark Shadows Shop Number 3
Shop name: Cyril Place Fine Art Photography

This spectacularly finished photograph just knocked my socks off. Talk about skill and artistry! Amazing!

Dark Shadows Shop Number 4
Shop name: Dolls and Magic: Art by Dana Lee

In this second item you'll find a unique twist to a familiar favorite. I call this well-done and o-so-spooky -- in a fun way of course. Plus, you get a discount! Awesome!

Dark Shadows Shop Number 5
Shop name: Fussy Gussy Pocket Mirrors, Pinup Girls, & Gothic Romance Galore!

This a beautiful rendering of Victoria Winters and will be sure to spark an interesting conversation every time you use your Fussy Gussy Pocket Mirror!

I hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Faves' trip down Dark Shadows memory lane. Okay, so it was a little dark down that road -- and a whole lot campy -- but that's the fun of it and life is meant to be fun!

Please stop by next week when Friday Faves will be all about Green! That's right! I'm going to show you some great finds that will help you towards a greener lifestyle.

Until next week, have a great weekend everyone, and take care out there!


Anne Marie said...

Never did manage to see this, got home too late from school (public bus, Catholic school, it took over an hour). DVDs are available at the library..... Might be good for occupying the mind while crocheting the grand nieces/nephews afghans...

Love the photos!

Lesa Kay said...

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Yes, it would definitely, in my opinion, be quite nice to watch while crocheting. It's a fun show. :-)