Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Faves 47 - Castles and Kingdoms

There is something so fascinating about castles and kingdoms. When I was a little girl I thought castles were where everyone in a kingdom lived. Sadly, I was very wrong. But it's still an idea that lives in me that we can all live together in great, big beautiful castles with natural terrain and fields of plenty surrounding us.

So with that thought in mind, let's begin our exploration of castles and kingdoms on Etsy with a song by Blackmore's Night called: Once In a Million Years:

Now, let's go shopping!

Castles and Kingdoms Shop Number 1
Shop name: Castles and Beanstalks

I absolutely love this! It's bright and charming and just has 'hours of imaginative play' written all over it!

Castles and Kingdoms Shop Number 2
Shop name: Tru.Che

And for 'Ye Olde' Anglophiles out there, here's a nice, shiny charm to let everyone know exactly where your heart is - The United Kingdom.

[I love the website url, too! Both cute and clever! ]

Castles and Kingdoms Shop Number 3
Shop name: Bonjour Frenchie

I've always been a fan of Neuschwanstein. It's such a beautiful structure, and I really like this quote to accompany it.

Castles and Kingdoms Shop Number 4
Shop name: Samcoins

From the Kingdom of Denmark we have an 85-year-old coin. What a wonderful gift for that numismatist in your life!

Castles and Kingdoms Shop Number 5
Shop name: EJKphotography

And for our final item in today's shopping adventure into Castles and Kingdoms I would like to offer you a glimpse at the Forbidden City. It is one of the most ornate and intricate 'castles' on earth. This rather haunting photo captures a sense of timelessness and the enigmatic nature of this structure.

I hope you enjoyed our excursions this week as we traveled across the globe delighting in the magic and wonders available in the shops at Etsy!

Join me again next week when Friday Faves gets ready for Mother's Day!

Until then, have a great weekend everyone, and take care out there!

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