Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Faves 49 - Astronomy

Hello everyone! Welcome to this week's Friday Faves where we'll be taking a gander at this great universe of ours through the eyes and artistry of my fellow shop owners over at

Astronomy has always been one of those wonderful dabbling interests of mine. I remember sitting on the roof with my dad looking at the moon through his great field glasses. What a sight it was, too! We would sit for hours discussing the endless possibilities of space travel and what might or might not be out there in that great beyond we called outer space.

To get us started this week, here's the end theme to one of my favorite space themed television shows - Red Dwarf. They will be airing their 10th season very soon on the Dave TV Channel (a United Kingdom and Ireland owned television channel) from what I understand.

Now, let's go space shopping!
Astronomical Shop Number 1
Shop name: Dark Cycle Clothing

For those of us who have had a difficult time adapting to Pluto's more recent status update, we have this wonderful t-shirt that simply tells it like it is -- er -- was!

Astronomical Shop Number 2
Shop name: meganlee

And for the Cosmic Pioneer fan we have an excellent collection of artwork dedicated to the aforementioned pioneers, including Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking!

Astronomical Shop Number 3
Shop name: This Art To Be Yours

Here we have an absolutely lovely rendition of the Planet Mars that would give any living room, study or even a man cave just the right pop of color and impact.

I really think the name of the shop is very cute and clever as well.

Astronomical Shop Number 4
Shop name: erga - Metal Design

When I saw this piece I simply could not pass it up. So unique and mysterious in its design. I just really love it.

Astronomical Shop Number 5
Shop name: Painted Cave

I myself don't know how something like this could be used for Astronomy, I would hate for someone to take it apart to use any of its parts for that purpose, however I just think this is such a neat item that someone might be interested in adding it to their collection or simply might enjoy it for its beauty and skillful design. What a gorgeous antique!

Well, that's it for this week's Friday Faves. I hope you found something you just couldn't live without. There's certainly more where these items came from - and then some!

Next week we'll be delving into the deepest recesses of this great planet of ours when Friday Faves goes Spelunking. So be sure to drop back by. ;-)

Until then, have a great weekend everyone, and take care out there!

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