Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Faves 50 - Caves

This is the cave that first got me interested in caves and caving - Xanadu Cave System in Tennessee in the United States.

It was at my surprise birthday party, which turned out more to be about a bunch of guys who wanted to get together to play games, but that's another story. Anyway, as I lounged on a bean bag chair nearby looking through one of the guys' caving magazines, as he and the other guys did their thing, I ran across a cave that had been recently discovered, which they had named Xanadu.

Well, I had seen the movie Xanadu the Summer it came out and, of course, the cave's name drew me in. The guy who owned the magazines noticed me looking through them and, since he was a caver, he wanted to know if I would be interested in something like that. Sure!

The rest is history, and while I never became the great caver he had hoped I would become, I still had a fascinating time and would definitely do it again someday if the opportunity presented itself.

The Moody Blues contributed some music and musical motifs to a soundtrack to the IMAX movie Journey Into Amazing Caves, which is great, by the way, and most Florida caves are known as 'wet' caves, so that's what I will be drawing upon today to set the - er - uh - mood. Heh!

Water - The Moody Blues - Journey Into Amazing Caves Soundtrack:

Now, let's go caving! Er - spelunking! Er - shopping!

Cave Shop Number 1
Shop name: Cavern Kim

I pretty much love everything in this shop. Good advice and lots of laughs - can't beat that combo! But I had to pick this item, because I think it pretty much says it all.

Cave Shop Number 2
Shop name: Gems and Beads Emporium

And, a little something that can be found in caves, though I don't advise breaking off any stalactites you might happen upon, especially when there are lovely shops, like this one, that already have such grand selections as this beautiful necklace.

Right now enjoy 27% off! But hurry, the discount is for only two days!

Cave Shop Number 3
Shop name: BoToDo Designs

Here's a gorgeous photograph from a cave in New Hampshire in the United States. I think looking at this would be a great way to de-stress at the end of a long day. It looks so cool, soothing and peaceful. Believe me, there is no more peaceful place that I know of than deep inside a cave.

Cave Shop Number 4
Shop name: Domesticated Me

This book looks like a fun way to interest your child(ren) in caves - not to mention the great collector's value!

Cave Shop Number 5
Shop name: elevele

And because, well, because it was just so darned cute! I present to you a cat cave! Yes, and it even looks like it's made from rock, too! Very clever, and I thoroughly believe any cat would love this special private space that's just for them.

And... that's it for this week's Friday Faves. I hope you enjoyed your journey into amazing caves. Next week Friday Faves will be taking a dive into the ocean.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone, and take care out there!

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