Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Faves 63 - Goth

I was Goth before it was "trendy". One of my friends once called me "one of the shadow people" when I met him in the midst of Summer dressed all in black. I think I worried him. *heh* I have always had a penchant for black, the macabre, and... death. The fun kind, of course!

And, so, today, with my book of Poe poems under one arm and my antique silver candelabra in the other hand, allow me to be your guide into all things dark and miserable that has to offer.

But first, speaking of death, allow me to set the mood with Stirb Nicht Vor Mir (Don't Die Before I do) by Rammstein:

Now... let's strike terror into the hearts of... (ahem). I mean, let's go shopping!

Goth Shop 1
Shop name: The Bohemian Goddess

Want to freak out your parents and most of the other folks at your wedding, while walking down the aisle in amazing style? Well, this gown, an homage to Tim Burton, is an incredible way to do just that.

Also, if you need custom Halloween or Autumn or Winter wedding apparel, this is the time to order from The Bohemian Goddess.

Goth Shop 2
Shop name: Feeling Vague Vintage

I loved them then (the 90s) and I love them now.

I love the name of this shop!

Goth Shop 3
Shop name: BJD Items by Lisa

Aww! She has green eyes, like me! What a little treasure this lovely Goth Ball-jointed doll is. Wouldn't she be wonderful seated on your desk as you work watching you... watching you with those eyes? ;-)

Goth Shop 4
Shop name: Zen and Coffee

So... Are you into -- bondage? ;-)

Goth Shop 5
Shop name: Twilight's Castle

Absolutely beautiful locket rings. I fell for them instantly!

And, of course, I love the name of this shop.

I hope you enjoyed our dark journey. Please, return, next week when Friday Faves sets its sights on Favorite Etsy Shops. And don't forget to tune in to Music Monday when we'll take a very cheesy trip back in time to the 1980s.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone and take care out there!

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