Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Faves 73 - The Old West

When I was a kid one of my first little boyfriends and I used to play with Johnny and Jane West Dolls. He had Geronimo and Johnny West and I had Jane, Johnny, Josie and Jay West, and I had a beautiful chestnut mare I called Crumpet after the real horse I knew from down the firebreak from me. We used to have a lot of fun pretending adventures about Cowboys and Indians. I was always the Indian because it gave me a chance to stand up for "my people" against the "white man." Oh, yes. I was quite the little social advocate as a child. ;-)

We also loved watching episodes of Wild Wild West on TV. Talk about your Steampunk!

While our playtime notion of what it was like to live in the Old West probably wasn't even close to what it was really like, it gave me a healthy appreciation for those times and the people who survived and even thrived back then.

So I tip my cowboy hat to those old play days but especially to all of the amazing men and women of the Old West and the Nations of Native Americans who lived to love the land.

And to wend us on our way -- Wild West Hero by Electric Light Orchestra:

Now, let's round up them little dogies! I mean, let's go shopping!

Old West Shop 1
Shop name: Papas Good Ole Days

Of course with all that talk about my old playtime friends, I had to see if I could find some of those old things (mine were lost in a house fire). And here they are! Not a bad little start to a full collection either.

Old West Shop 2
Shop name: My Attic Treasures

For all you Old West buffs out there who enjoy a good read about the people of those days.

Old West Shop 3
Shop name: Tri City Laser

With the table top gamer in mind but great for anyone who loves the old west and would like a nifty little collectible for their desk, a shelf or the mantel.

Old West Shop 4
Shop name: Nor Cal Finds

A truly interesting piece of the past, a leather gun holster possibly from the old west. If old leather could talk...

I hope you enjoyed our visit to the Old West as much as I did. Be sure to stampede over for Music Monday when I'll focus on Country Western music and Tuesday for, well, it's a surprise. Just be sure to bring your finger cymbals and veils because we're going to do a little something fun and for fitness in this upcoming Tuesday Tutorial.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone and take care out there!

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