Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Faves 74 - Baby

This week Friday Faves is giving birth to lots of ideas for your tots and little ones. From the cutest onesies to the perfect baby bedding, the makers at have your baby needs covered.

And to start us out, a familiar lullaby by Brahms:

Now, let's go shopping! (Shhh... Quietly. You'll wake the baby.)

Baby Shop 1
Shop name: Roslyn's Closet

Totally adorable onesie with the words 'worth the wait' on it. I think that says it all. All miracles, large or very, very small, are worth the wait.

Baby Shop 2
Shop name: The Wishing Elephant

This Monarch Butterfly baby costume is sure to induce lots of smiles and 'awws.' Simply perfect for your little cutie!

Baby Shop 3
Shop name: Mia Sophia's

Fully customizable, this banner, or one like it, is the perfect baby shower or homecoming decoration. I love the 'Ahoy, it's a boy!' theme. So cute!

Baby Shop 4
Shop name: Blooming Baby Bedding

This gorgeous baby bedding set has everything you need to make your baby's bed comfortable and will make your baby's room's decor pop with class and color.

I hope you enjoyed our little tip-toe through some of the wonderful shops at and that you found the perfect something for the sweet baby in your life.

Please stop by again for Music Monday when we will dance in gypsy circles through the music of Fleetwood Mac and for Tuesday Tutorial's foray into the making of caramel apples. M'm! Yummy!

Until then, have a great weekend, everyone, and take care out there!

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