Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Faves 75 - Hallowe'en

With Halloween soon on its way it's time for some Halloween Etsy favorites of mine.

I always loved Halloween as a child. Well, who doesn't, right? I mean, it's like a kid's favorite smorgasbord -- candy, candy, and more candy! Plus, all of the fun spooky stories.

In fact, I have one for you right now. At work the other night noticed the lights were on in one of the offices that have been recently vacated. Knocked on the office door and the lights went out, knocked again and they came right back on. That was weird! No one was in there either. And it's not the first time something like that has happened around there either. I tell ya, it sends chills down the spine.

One of my favorite Halloween hits that I'm going to share with you to help set the mood today is by one scary dude! Rob Zombie's Dragula:

Now, let's do some Halloween shopping!

Halloween Shop 1
Shop name: Kid-N-Around Creations

These Halloween treat bags are monstrously cute! A great addition to any Halloween party!

Halloween Shop 2
Shop name: Von Erickson

Want a truly scary addition to your Halloween costume? This slit throat necklace is perfect! It's grossly realistic and so cool!

Halloween Shop 3
Shop name: Stellar Stationary

Very unique and affordable Halloween party invitations. Perfect way to set the mood for your party!

Halloween Shop 4
Shop name: Seed Jewelry Shop

This is such a neat idea I just had to share it. Seed jewelry! I have to agree, it really is fun and unique!

I'll be doing another Halloween themed Friday Faves next week, so be sure to drop back by then and don't forget my Music Mondays and Tuesday Tutorials. How about a little something spooky for both? I'll see if I can't find some fun, scary music for Monday and something scary for Tuesday, too!

Until then, have a great weekend everyone and take care out there!

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