Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Faves 52 - Rain

Rain. So soothing. So quenching. So beautiful. I have to admit it, I love rain. I love grey skies and the sound rain makes as it is falling. I love walking in the rain and, yes, if given half the chance, I would even love to sing in the rain.

So, to get us started with this week's theme of rain I thought the perfect mood music might be a really great cover done by Pearl Jam of an old Who song called Love Reign O'er Me.

Now, let's go shopping! In the rain...

Rain Shop Number 1
Shop name: Whimsigallery

This I have seen on rainy afternoons here in Florida. So beautiful and, yes, warm. I love the depth of this painting. It feels as if you could reach right out and touch those soft, gorgeous clouds.

Rain Shop Number 2
Shop name: Shirl's Small Dog

Here's something that will make taking a walk a lot more comfortable for your best friend the next time it rains. Cuteness factor 10++ !

Rain Shop Number 3
Shop name: Constant Baubling

I love this necklace! Mixed metals are great for versatility. You can wear just about anything with it, including other jewelry. And, the name of this shop is so clever!

Rain Shop Number 4
Shop name: Giddy Things

I think what caught my eye first with this next item was the way the artisan mixed and matched the rain drop on the front with that of the tip of a different rain drop on the flap. I definitely like that. Pretty and eye-catching!

Rain Shop Number 5
Shop name: Luboart

This is some of my favorite artwork: metal that has been etched and polished to create a picture with an almost 3D effect. And Lubo's is a fine example of this particular style of artwork. His 'Heavy Rain' is just gorgeous!

Well, that ends our Friday Faves for this week. Did you see something you just had to have? I hope so! And I also hope you enjoyed our little shopping spree in the rain. Next week's Friday Faves we'll be paying a special homage to the beloved characters that J.R.R. Tolkien created when we stop by to visit The Hobbit.

Until next week, have a great weekend everyone and take care out there!

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