Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Faves 54 - Stevie Nicks

First things first, I want to thank all of our armed services men and women for their selflessness and for making it possible for the rest of us to remain free. Thank you to all of those who love and respect our Constitution. A happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone out there!

You might wonder why I chose Stevie Nicks to honor in my Friday Faves on this particular holiday weekend, but Ms. Nicks has done her share to boost the morale, raise money and generally show appreciation for those who have fought and might fight to protect this grand old land of ours. The U.S. has its problems no doubt, but it's our nation and, by golly! I love it, and Ms. Nicks does too as will be seen in the music I have chosen for our little shopping spree this week.

Soldier's Angel by: Stevie Nicks:

Now, let's go shopping!

Stevie Nicks Shop 1
Shop name: Romantic Threads

So elegant! So Stevie! This gorgeous gown is the perfect outfit to get your Stevie on.

Stevie Nicks Shop 2
Shop name: Crystal Bouquet

This is a lovely necklace with an equally lovely picture of Stevie on it. Great to wear as you wrap up in a lacy shawl and go out into the night.

Stevie Nicks Shop 3
Shop name: It's Our Earth, Inc.

Stevie is one of the first people who inspired me to hit the thrift and second-hand shops to find old, forgotten treasures that can be recycled and used for today, so I really feel, aside from the obvious Stevie Nicks nature of the item, that this is definitely a Stevie Nicks kind of thing. So write down your 'gypsy' thoughts in the journal and fill the bowl with some lace and paper flowers.

Stevie Nicks Shop 4
Shop name: Clock, Stock and Barrel

Another great recycled or upcycled Stevie Nicks themed item using an old vinyl record. So what time is it? Why, it's  'rock a little' time, of course! ;-)

Clever shop name, too!

I hope you enjoyed our visit with America's First Lady Chanteuse of Rock 'n' Roll, Ms. Stevie Nicks! I know I did!

Next week we'll spend a little time with our Dads as we do a little Father's Day Friday Faves shopping.

Until then, have a fun, safe and memorable Memorial Day weekend everyone, and take care out there!

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