Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Faves 55 - Father's Day

When I was growing up I was definitely a daddy's girl. I was my dad's shadow. We trekked through the woods together. He taught me about the local flora and fauna. He'd let me sit in his lap when I was little and let me think I was driving his old Ford pick-up truck, and the best part of all -- we talked. He told me what it was like when he was growing up, about the hard times of the 1930's Depression. But, you know what? One of the greatest things that I learned from my dad was that there are two ways to look at everything, including things that we generally consider hard -- like depressions. He may have known times of hunger with little clothing or even shoes for his feet but my dad always looked back upon the Great Depression with fondness, whereas one of his friends who actually did have food, clothes and shoes during the Depression saw that time in their lives as the very worst of days.

That really made me respect my dad.

So, out of respect for all good dads everywhere who teach us good life lessons and let us take the wheel once and a while here's Alan Jackson with Drive (For Daddy Gene).

Now, let's go shopping for all those sweet daddy's out there!

Daddy's Day Shop 1
Shop name: The Charmed Way

Gotta love those guitar-pickin' daddies!

Daddy's Day Shop 2
Shop name: Scissor Mill

Then there's the dad's who like their tall, cool ones, so why not in a glass personalized just for him?

Daddy's Day Shop 3
Shop name: Julie Ann Art

I really thought this was cute, since killing spiders is the prime responsibility of all daddy's everywhere.

Daddy's Day Shop 4
Shop name: All Things Herbal

Now, this I thought would really be a pretty neat thing to give to the fishing fathers out there. I used to fish commercially but I had never heard of this. Pretty cool!

To all the dads out there I want to wish you a Happy Father's Day! Sit back, relax in whatever way is your favorite and just be proud to be a dad. It's your day, guys! Rock it!

Next week's Friday Faves theme is going to be all about country living, music and anything else that has that country feel to it.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone and take care out there!

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