Saturday, June 2, 2012 TWELVE TINY DWELLINGS

Hi! I hope everyone's having a great Saturday. I know I am. It's been very relaxing so far.

Speaking of relaxation, check out the link at the bottom of this blog to see some really cool ideas for relaxing the strain on your wallet. 

I love stuff like this. I have been contemplating living in a tiny houseboat, tree house or other small dwelling for several years. So what's stopping me? All the red tape. Well, that and some people I know are claustrophobic. But if I want to do it, there's a law which states that I can't. lol Yeah, it's just about that bad where I live. My city is terribly afraid of things like this.

But I don't care! I love 'em! And I'm sharin' em'! Just think of the money you could save by living like this -- or even just having a place like one of these to vacation in.

Think about it for a moment -- how much space do you really use? Personally I have found that I need a desk, which could easily alternate as a dining table, a small area to cook and clean dishes in, bathroom of course, a little storage space and at least a chair to sit back in to relax. That's about it. The rest of it is just cluttered up with junk and stuff I've collected through the years. Worse came to worse I could rent a storage shed for some or all of the stuff I wouldn't be using on a daily basis and still end up saving money.

So just take a gander at some of the small dwellings at this blog and you might just find something that would work for you. TWELVE "DAMN FABULOUS" TINY HOUSE, CABIN, and SMAL...: Proof that mere plywood floors can look GREAT. I love the open feel, and height of this little home- although heating all that dead, lofty...

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