Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Faves - Country & Western

A breath of fresh air. A dusty dirt road. The lowing of cattle; the whinny of horses. Doors that don't need to be locked; a friendly wave from strangers.  A country life can embody all of these wonderful things and so much more, but a country life can be hard, too. 

So let's hop in dad's pick-up truck, head on down one of those dusty old roads and tune the radio to a great Bluegrass song by Alison Krauss and Union Station and listen to just such a hard luck tale:

Now, let's leave our worldly woes behind and let's head on down to the General Store!

Country Shop 1
Shop name: Sunday Treasures

What a great way to greet your visitors and let them know that a cowboy (or girl) lives in your home. Cute addition to a Country/Western themed wedding, too!

Country Shop 2
Shop name: DesignbyAnce

A beautiful way to show a little country girl style!

Country Shop 3
Shop name: Be Unique Bridal

Remember that Country/Western themed wedding I mentioned?

Country Shop 4
Shop name: Kristin's Country Home

Why this next item is prettier than butter meltin' on a mess of flapjacks!

I think before Friday Faves says fare-thee-well for another week that we have room for a great old toe tapper from days gone by. This was one of my grandmother Lossie's favorite songs to sing:

Next week Friday Faves is going Grunge!

So, until then, have a great 'country fried' weekend everyone and take care out there!

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