Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Faves 57 - Grunge

With the advent of the Smashing Pumpkins new album Oceania coming out on June 19th (which you can listen to for free over at iTunes), this seems like the perfect time to see what we can find at Etsy to satisfy our jones for all things Alternative or, in the case of this week's Friday Faves, Grunge.

Of course, like many so-called Alternative genre bands, the good ship Smashing Pumpkins, with Billy Corgan at its helm, has always endeavored to be more than some pigeon holed, compartmentalized, pre-packaged formulaic band. No. They have dipped their songwriting, guitar and bass strumming, and drum beating quills into a number of inks derived from a variety of musical genres, such as Grunge.

However, we're not just on the look out for Smashing Pumpkins paraphernalia, we are on a search for those things that truly rock our "Seattle Sound" worlds, which really is more in tune with what the American Grunge scene is all about and where it originated: Seattle, Washington. Like Seattle's usual weather we are looking for things that are deep, dark and, well, grungy. And one of the songs that definitely has that edge is of course by one of the most recognizable bands of the early Grunge era, Nirvana.

So let's get in a grungy mood with All Apologies:

And, without any further ado, let's go shopping!

Grunge Shop 1
Shop name: Dirty and Distressed

Get dirty in this distressed tank top.

Grunge Shop 2
Shop name: Wynne's Whimsies

You know that 'dagger in the heart' feeling? Let everyone know how you're feeling with this bracelet.

Grunge Shop 3
Shop name: Bony Pony Trappings

Hm. I seem to remember owning a pair of these.

Grunge Shop 4
Shop name: jfotoman

And how about a picture of the guy, who was said to have coined the name for the genre 'Grunge' in a letter he sent to a magazine under his legal name. He bashed his own band at the time, Mr. Epp and the Calculations, referring to them as 'pure grunge'. Mark Arm in his early days with Mudhoney.

I hope this leaves you feeling truly grungy and ready for next week's Friday Faves, which will take us back in time to an event that rocked the 60s era decade: Woodstock.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone and take care out there!


Anne Marie said...

I think I have a pair of jeans that would qualify for the term :D

Lesa Kay said...

LOL! ;-)