Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Faves 58 - Woodstock 1969

As of the 15th of August it will be the forty-third anniversary of those 3 Days of Peace and Music that rocked the world: Woodstock 1969.

There have been other Woodstock celebrations since then, and each has had their high points, especially where the music is concerned. But there was and forever will be only one Woodstock 1969.

So step back in time with me for a little while as I take you on a trip (sans LSD) to one of the most interesting musical gatherings in Rock History.

One of my favorite acts from Woodstock is Jefferson Airplane. Grace had some powerful pipes back in the day! You go, girl!

Now let's go trippin' -- I mean, shopping!

Woodstock '69 Shop 1
Shop name: Drop the Needle

A great collectible! Let the sounds on this album take you on your own private time trip! Grab this album now to take advantage of the 15% discount going on in the shop right now!

Woodstock '69 Shop 2
Shop name: Lemondae

This is another item just great for its collectible value! 1969 Life Magazine with Woodstock Photo Spread.

Woodstock '69 Shop 3
Shop name: Austro Antiques

And talk about a wonderful piece of vintage memorabilia, this poster would be the perfect touch to top off your Woodstock '69 home decor or party! Now you can have your own copy of the famous poster.

Woodstock '69 Shop 4
Shop name: M&D Gift Art

Modern meets vintage in this great recycled CD with a Woodstock theme! M&D Gift Art has Free Shipping, too!

I hope you had fun at Woodstock 1969! Of course, if you can remember that then you weren't really there. ;-)

Next week's Friday Faves theme is going to be about the different decorative boxes, music and otherwise, that you can find on

Until then, have a great weekend everyone and take care out there!

And for more information about Woodstock then and now visit the official Woodstock website at:


Anne Marie said...

Much better than anything you can get there!

Lesa Kay said...

That's Etsy for ya! There's something for almost everyone. :-)