Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Faves 64 - Favorites

Real quick, I'm just going to direct you to a few of my most favorite Etsy Shops this week. I think they look good, have great items and are simply inspiring.

And to wend us on our way, a little theme music that is, Julie Andrews sings My Favorite Things:

Now, let's go shop hopping!

Fave Etsy Shop 1
Shop name: Wee Bindery

At the top of my Etsy Shop favorites is this great little shop with great big ideas, Wee Bindery! Whee! :-)

Fave Etsy Shop 2
Shop name: Nicollette Tallmadge Designs

I love her tiny books and she has some lovely birthstone jewelry!

Fave Etsy Shop 3
Shop name: April Hiler Designs

And for those who might have a wedding on their minds, this shop has some extremely lovely and wonderful items.

Fave Etsy Shop 4
Shop name: Market 203

For some really cool vintage items with an industrial edge, this shop really inspires me.

Fave Etsy Shop 5
Shop name: Castaways Hall

I love anything nautical or ocean themed and this shop has always pulled me right in like a fish on a hook.

Be sure to drop back by for Music Monday when the theme will be The 90s! And next week's Friday Faves will be about all things paper.

Have a great weekend everyone and take care out there!


Anne Marie said...

Neat things! Love the journals and the book earrings. Thanks for making Friday fun!

Lesa Kay said...

Aw... And thanks right back for making my Friday. I'm so glad you enjoyed the neat things in these shops. Go Handmade! :-)